Volvo Trucks Brings Electricity On The Road! Introducing the Volvo VNR

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Electromobility, as it exists, will forever be revolutionized by the inventive existence of Volvo Trucks. For from their brainwaves comes something totally new and fresh. An idea unlike the kind you’ve ever seen before. Of course, we’re talking about the VNR Electric. It’s a step into the future leaving behind a past that neglects what the transportation industry is all about: innovation. Volvo trucks have a core sentimentality for improving the infrastructure, technology and applications of all trucks. In turn, they’ve easily allowed for solutions that can be advanced but easy all at once.

Let’s look at the specs of this model citizen of Volvo Trucks.

The VNR Electric is not entirely different from the regional-haul version. Yet, there are key differences that bring on a most humane approach to this geared up truck. Such examples would be the battery support carrier system with high safety standards, a best-in-class cab and chassis design and even an air compressor located conveniently underneath the driver door to enhance serviceability.

This truck is likely to be best used for local and regional stretches of distribution. This is thanks to the 264 kilowatt lithium-ion batteries, charging upwards of 80% in 70 minutes. With it comes an operational range of 150 miles, depending on the configuration of the truck. Of course, this of the Volvo Trucks electromobility-centric line generates upwards of 4,051 lb-feet of torque, while achieving a horsepower rating of 455. With a single-axle weight rating of 33,200 lbs., how could you go wrong with the VNR?

If it matters to you, there are two main tractor configurations. 4×2 with 66,000 lb. GCWR and 6×2 up to 82,000 GCWR.

As the President of Volvo Trucks North America, Peter Voorhoeve, would like to say, “Volvo Trucks is making electromobility accessible, efficient and operationally viable.”

Don’t believe he means it? Well, this video here might prove otherwise.

Volvo Trucks North America | December 4, 2020

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