Truck Parking Ignored By House Committee With New Reconciliation Bill

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There’s a House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure that has made a decision to advance the portion of $3.5 trillion dollars in the progression of 2022’s Budget Reconciliation Bill. And as it turns out, there had been $60 billion in funding for carbon pollution reduction and infrastructure. But none for truck parking.

In any case, the committee is certainly not going to adopt an amendment to provide $1 billion. Representative Mike Bost, a Republican from Illinois, had been totally cool with the bill to reduce funds from the Federal Highway Administration.

This is in reference to the grants that would be to reduce carbon projects. Specifically from $3 billion to $2 billion. The additional $1 billion dollars would have been sent to truck parking capacity expansion. Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association leaders believe that the rejection of the amendment has shown no appreciation for the truck drivers, during the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

OOIDA President and CEO Todd Spencer believes that “it’s tough to swallow the fact that in a year when Congress is authorizing hundreds-of-billions of dollars for infrastructure projects and highway safety programs, not a single penny was set aside for truck parking.”

$60 billion US Dollars have been moving to transportation funding. Meanwhile, $4 billion has been kept aside for carbon pollution in the surface transportation sector. It’s truly the largest source of transportation greenhouse gas emissions.

“Truck drivers waste approximately 56 minutes per day looking for parking, all the while needlessly burning fuel, emitting carbon and contributing to congestion.”

Truck parking greatly matters to truckers.

And to be quite fair, when you need to bring truck parking to the forefront, you need to provide more than billions of dollars. Looking around is often a very concerning and strenuous part of time that truckers would prefer not to take out of their days. This should have been ready from before.

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