Truck Insurers Await Changes to CSA Program

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Have you been following recent trucking news? Then you know about the FMCSA’s bold new steps. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA program is about to undergo some big changes.

Still, some experts don’t agree with the changes.

The CSA Program’s Changes

Specifically, the changes are affecting the Compliance, Safety, Accountability, or CSA program. The FMCSA is planning to overhaul the CSA’s Safety Measurement System. This is used to determine which carriers are at a higher risk for being involved in crashes and accidents in the future. The goal is to prevent crashes.

However, many insurers are speaking out against the changes.

Duke Tomei, executive vice president and transportation practice leader at insurance broker USI Insurance Services, said, “CSA is definitely having an impact on premiums and on insurance companies deciding whether even to quote truckers” Tomei hopes that the changes made to criteria regarding maintenance issues within motor carriers “don’t directly tie to being an unsafe motor carrier and will be a better predictive model of an unsafe motor carrier.”

Still, this means that prices are going up. Also, Chris Mikolay, vice president of National Interstate Insurance Co., claims that the severity of claims has increased in the past few years. Furthermore, he claims the environment is more litigious, and that the logistics industry is losing money on truck insurance issues.

Experts are expressing their dislike of the new regulations.

Many experts notice that even just two BASIC alerts on a carrier can increase their insurance fees a high amount.

Many insurers are criticizing the recent changes. Furthermore, they hope the CSA’s new guidelines don’t make things even worse.

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