Truck Fatalities Seemingly Saw A Dip In 2020

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There's a major dip in the truck fatalities department. In which case, there's such a difference in the danger of truckers dying on the road.
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Between 2019 and 2020, there has been a dip in the number of people killed in truck crashes. This was from a 1.3% difference. As it turns out, there had also been a 6.8% increase of traffic fatalities in 2020, through the NHTSA’s 2020 traffic crash data.

NHTSA would define “large truck” as any commercial and non-commercial trucks with a GVW of above 10,000 pounds.

Within 2020, there had been about 4965 individuals murdered in large truck crashes, downwards from 5,032 in the year before.

The number of occupants killed in crashes had fallen from 893 to 831. Meanwhile the numer of other vehicle occupants and non-occupants going down from 4,1239 to 4,134 from 2019 to 2020.

NHTSA Keeps Fatal Crashes Calculated, Through All The Years.

Many individuals hurt in large-truck accidents were lessened in 2020. This would mean to say that it fell 7.8% from 159,359 injuries in 2019 to 146,930 injuries in 2020.

Through it all, there had been about 38,824 lives lost within the traffic crashes through America in 2020, the highest number after 2007. NHTSA notes about 45% of fatal crashes, while the drivers of passenger vehicles engaged in at least one of the risky behaviors, alcohol impairment, speeding and /or wearing a seatbelt.

There is an overall increase of traffic fatalities without an 11% decrease in overall vehicle miles traveled. There’s a 22% decreasing in police-reported crashes and a 17% decrease in injuries in crashes throughout the crashes in 2020. Overall, this is a good thing for the trucking industry.

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