Truck Drivers Push Forward For COVID-19

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Truck drivers have stepped up their game since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many bare shelves across America the industry has had to step up its game. Due to the required demand of goods, many are left working long hours and distances in order to meet public demand.

Truck Drivers and The Empty Road

Traffic accidents are the number 1 reason US roads are so dangerous. Due to self-isolation protocols, this has left them empty. So empty, that some truck drivers have been able to make record time getting from place to place. No, this does not mean that they are speeding, but due to fewer cars on the road, they have had a pretty easy time. This provides truck drivers with a clear and open road. Free from traffic jams and unnecessary accidents.

Longer Hours for Truck Drivers

Where the trucking industry used to have restrictions of the hours they were able to drive per day, these restrictions have been lifted. Due to the high demand for products, the government has pushed a few things back. One of them is the restriction on the standard 8-hours of driving. In order to make their deliveries on time, truckers are now able to drive upwards to 14 hours per day. This is to cut down on wait time between their cargo being shipped and it’s delivery.

Inspections Have Been Pushed Back

This time of year has the trucking industry on edge. This is when inspectors are sent out in droves to randomly select trucks and pull them over for inspection. Now, as most trucks and their drivers have clean records and are deemed operatable, there are a few that aren’t. This is why these inspections are to occur. As of right now, the demand for more truck drivers is greater than any other point in US history. With so many leaving due to retirement, the industry has had a hard time pulling in new recruits. On top of that, the panic-buying craze that many have become accustomed to has put the toll on drivers even further. With so many truck drivers now overextending themselves, plus the current emergency that the country is facing, these inspections have been pushed back to June.

Increase Demand Means Increase Benefits and Wages

With the current state of things, many trucking companies have pushed for higher wages and benefits for their drivers. This not only gives the ones currently on the road a higher incentive to get the job done, but it also allows those looking for a new career path to look into the trucking industry. If you are thinking of becoming a truck driver, there are plenty of online resources in order to gather further information. Right now is the perfect time to sign up and help the country fight against COVID-19!

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