Truck Driver Attacked During Street Takeover

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No arrests have been reported from the incident.
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A street takeover in San Bernardino turned violent on Sunday. A semi-truck driver attempting to cross the overtaken intersection was assaulted. The crowd proceeded to loot the driver’s truck, which was hauling furniture. Police broke up the crowd at 5th and Mt. Vernon shortly thereafter. The driver sustained some injuries and was in pain the next day.

The takeover was in full swing around midnight when the truck tried to cross through the intersection. The assembled crowd of over 100 people were setting off fireworks and doing car tricks in the intersection. 5th and Mt. Vernon is a pretty high-volume intersection in San Bernardino, so a truck driver crossing through is not an uncommon sight. However, as the driver attempted to drive through the crowd, the crowd opened the unlocked driver’s side door. A witness reported that the crowd threw beer bottles at the driver.

Afterwards, the crowd stole some supplies out of the back of the truck. No arrests connected to the takeover had been reported as of Tuesday morning.

Street takeover not an isolated incident

The Sunday night takeover is far from the only such event recently in the Los Angeles area. The same night, police broke up a similar street event in South Los Angeles. That takeover took place at the intersection of Hoover Street and Century Boulevard. Early last week, a person was arrested for their connection to another 100-plus person takeover at 40th and Kendall in San Bernardino.

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