Los Angeles Tow Truck Insurance

Running a towing business in Los Angeles can be very profitable. In the big city with heavy traffic tow trucks will never be without work. But in order for your towing business to be fully working for you, you need to protect it financially. That’s where tow truck insurance comes in.

It’s crucial to have proper insurance that will cover you for any situation. Even when you do your best, it’s never guaranteed that your tow truck doesn’t get into an accident. Consequently, your truck insurance must be able to pay for damage to your truck or the car it is hauling, as well as other possible expenses.

Tow Truck Insurance by Los Angeles Truck Insurance

Los Angeles Truck Insurance will help you get the best policy. We’ll explain in detail what coverage you need and get you an affordable rate.

tow truck insurance

What should you have on your Los Angeles Commercial Auto  Insurance policy? Liability Insurance is legally required for any commercial vehicle. It pays for other people’s Property Damage and Bodily Injury when your tow truck is at fault.

Physical Damage will pay for the damage your tow truck has sustained no matter who’s responsible. This coverage consists of two parts:

  • Collision Insurance pays for all the damage sustained in a collision.
  • Comprehensive Insurance pays if anything else happens to your tow truck, such as vandalism, fire and theft.

On-Hook Towing Insurance is also important. It’ll pay for the damage done in the process of transit to the car you are towing. It covers collision, fire, explosion, vandalism and theft. If you are considered a common carrier, you should also have Cargo Insurance.

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