The Best Ways to Protect Your Fleet

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Cameras are an excellent way to enhance security
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Cargo haulers deal with lots of challenges in keeping their fleet and cargo safe during transit. Our team has years of experience helping truckers and fleet owners keep their teams safe, and we are happy to share that experience. So here are the best ways to protect your fleet from shady characters.

Install cameras

Trailer telematics is a great way to keep track of where your vehicles wind up, but it can also help keep your cargo safe. Installing cameras within the trailer allows you to remotely check on your cargo. You can also mount cameras at the trailer door to enhance security. If anyone makes an unauthorized opening of the door, you’ll know.

Choose safer options

Whatever you’re transporting, there are ways to make it more secure. For example, if you’re shipping a car across the country, you can pay a little more to get enclosed car transport to keep the vehicle far safer. If there are safer options available to you, you should choose them as often as possible. Even if it’s more expensive for you in the short term, it protects you from the much more expensive damage you may incur with a cheaper, less secure option.

Insure your vehicle and cargo

Unsurprisingly, insuring your vehicle and its cargo is the best way to protect your fleet. Risk can only be reduced so much when out on the road. There’s risk involved any time you are out on the road, and if you’re hauling cargo, there are a lot of people out there who would love to get at it. Insuring your vehicle takes the burden off of you if something happens to it. Purchasing cargo insurance from trusted companies like ours covers any expenses you would incur from theft or damage to your cargo. There’s no better way to protect you and your company!

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