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One of the many legal requirements you have to have when it comes to owning and operating a trucking business is liability insurance. Anytime you have a commercial vehicle, or really any vehicle in general, you need to have liability insurance. When you are a trucker, there are some specifications that should be included in your plan, so it is important to make sure you insure with an authentic commercial auto insurance provider. This is the best way to ensure that you stay protected in all of the best ways for you anytime you are on the road!

First, let us understand the purpose of liability insurance.

Liability insurance is insurance coverage that keeps you covered in case of an accident. Essentially, if some sort of incident occurs with you behind the wheel that you are liable for, a.k.a. responsible for, then you are covered as this insurance package allows for coverage of any costs that come from the incident for you or the other driver! To break it down very simply, wherever there is something you are liable for, you are covered!

When you insure with Los Angeles Truck Insurance, you have two different parts to your liability truck insurance.

The first main feature of our liability insurance is property damage coverage. This provides coverage for any time you cause some sort of damage to any form of property. Whether that is a car, building, or even a street, if you are liable for any sort of damaged property due to an accident, this part of your insurance makes sure you are covered! Any repair or replacement costs would be on us when you have a plan with us!

The second part of liability insurance is bodily injury. This covers any sort of medical expenses for anyone involved in an accident that you are liable for. For example, if someone breaks their arm in an accident you caused, this part of your insurance covers those bills so that you do not have to! This coverage can even expand as far as covering funeral expenses if an accident were to result in that kind of tragedy.

If you are in need of liability insurance in order to stay protected, give us a call today!

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