Self Driving Cars: Not Ready for LA

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Self driving cars have been the focal point for the automotive industry. More so, for the Uber/Lyft side of the road. With the development of newer and improved technologies, comes the importance of safety, reliability, mileage and many other factors that make the roads a safer place. Unfortunately, it looks like cities like New York are in much better circumstances to handle self-driving cars. For places like LA, it may take longer for these vehicles to arrive on the scene.

Self Driving Cars in New York City

The impact that these have on areas like New York City as opposed to LA can be seen in the layout of each city. Where New York focuses on tightly compact living areas (it’s on an island), Los Angeles has utilized a far greater urban sprawl. Yes, you still need to get on the highway to get places in New York City, but if you’re looking for an uber ride, then you probably aren’t traveling the crazy distances to get to where you need to go. For LA, this is another matter, you pretty much take the highway everywhere. This will create further implications fora car battery life, car longevity, and the AI of the vehicle.

Los Angeles Variables.

On top of driving long-distances, LA traffic is ranked some of the worst in the country. Self-driving cars will be put to the test in more high traffic areas, and you can’t get any more high-traffic than Los Angeles. With the city ranking some of the highest in the country in terms of traffic accidents, as well as the mortality rate for drivers, it makes sense that self-driving UBER/ Lyft vehicles are going to have a harder time developing the necessary safety protocols to maneuver the city.

It Will Happen, Just Not A Soon As We Hope

Listen, we all want self-driving cars. We thought we would have them by now, or at least hover-cars. The Jetsons may have lied to us about what we would see in the new millennium, but they weren’t that far off either. All it takes is some patience and understanding and you’ll have the taxi ride of your dreams in no-time.

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