Plus has a Driverless Semi Truck Demo for Driverless Level 4 Driving

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“Plus” has completed a demo of driverless Level 4 driving on the highway. The Plus also recently announced its proposed business combination with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V. It’s also another tech/transportation startup. It could eventually cash out to some extent by going public. There should be some caution regardless of this short demo as seeing it hasn’t gone toward the gold standard just yet.

The company is a global provider of self-driving truck technology that makes trucks safer. They are also more efficient, more comfortable, and thus better for the environment. The startup’s autonomous driving system uses its proprietary full-stack Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving software. This is coupling with mass-production ready, low cost, and high-performance hardware. Its data engine leverages real-world driving data to constantly upgrade algorithms and to eventually reach L4 autonomy.

Plus and Self-Driving Long-Distance Shipping and Transport

Plus is seeing as another startup that is going toward full self-driving, long-distance shipping, and transport.

Moreover, when the driverless demo took place “on the Wufengshan highway in China’s largest economic center of Yangtze Delta.” It did involve a brand-new built highway and a special permit. However, Plus was the first company to get a special permit in China.

“Plus does expect to launch pilot operations of a fully driverless truck for use in a dedicated environment in 2022,” the company writes. “ In fact, Plus is also putting to use the Level 4 technology used in the driverless demo. This is to deploy a commercial driver-in product for semi-trucks called PlusDrive. In 2021, there were thousands of orders or pre-orders by customers in the U.S. and China. Thus, the PlusDrive can either be a standard configuration of newly built trucks. Or it can be adding to existing trucks in order to help make long-haul trucking safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and better for the environment.

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