Los Angeles On-Hook Towing Insurance

Running a towing service comes with unique risks that you, as an owner, should be aware of. After all, when someone else’s car is in your possession, you’re 100% responsible for it. If it gets damaged while you’re towing it, you’re on the hook to pay for repairs or a replacement. To avoid this, get Los Angeles On-Hook Towing Insurance.

Why Do You Need Los Angeles This Insurance?

If you’re running a towing business it’s essential to include On-Hook Towing Insurance in your policy. If the vehicle you’re towing gets damaged, this coverage will pay for repairs or a replacement if you’re at fault.

on-hook towing insurance

This particular insurance pays in case of:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Rates on Los Angeles On-Hook Towing Insurance depend on many factors like what you’re towing, what kind of towing truck you have, and who’s driving it. Prices also vary greatly from provider to provider.

On-Hook Towing Coverage does not cover all kinds of vehicles. For instance, it won’t pay if you’re towing your own car or a business car, a race car, antique car, or a personal boat.

We recommend all towing companies also purchase garage keepers insurance. We consider both essential, as they together cover you in the event a client’s car receives damage. By having both, you cover such damage in all possible scenarios.

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