NHTSA Announces Fatality Drop For Fourth Quarter In A Row

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In their latest dispatch, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows fatalities within the first quarter of 2023. According to the NHTSA, traffic fatalities within the beginning of 2023, traffic fatalities have gone down around 3.3% comparatively within the very same quarter in 2022. NHTSA believes that around 9,330 people had died while on U.S. roadways in the first quarter.

Which is good.

This is the fourth quarter in a row that has shown a decrease, after a dramatic seven-quarter increase, happening year-after-year since around 2020 for the NHTSA.

Federal Highway Administration has displayed about all the vehicle miles traveled in (VMT) is part of the first three months of 2023, seeing around 19.3 billion miles with about 2.6% increase. It’s obvious that the fatality rate within the first beginning quarter of 2023 had decreased to 1.24 fatalities for every 100 million VMT, after the projected rate of 1.32 fatalities had occurred for that same rate but in 2022.

Trucking is serious business. You have to keep an eye on the traffic fatalities. How else could you be vigilant enough to respond well enough to improve upon your past digressions of carelessness?

Every one of the 10 regions in the USA show declines in the fatality rate per 100 million miles. 32 of the 50 states have decreases of their own.

Currently, the modern-day counts in 2022 and 2023 will be shifting. The 2022 numbers are said to be finalized this year, while 2023’s are finalized next year. After the estimates are further refined, projections are said to show the first half of 2023 to be released in late September.

This is all very important to keep a track of as the roads up ahead improve. If you don’t improve, you’re likely to fail the whole of the road and of the people around you. And that is not good news.

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