Multiple Protests For George Floyd in LA

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Multiple protests are coming together in Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd – a POC who was pronounced dead in police captivity.

A video surfaced online of Floyd’s arrest which depicted the unlawful apprehension of Floyd. Derek Chauvin, as well as three other members of the Minneapolis police force, used excessive force when apprehending Floyd. Chauvin, with his knee of Floyd’s neck, you can hear Floyd choking for air and trying to muster the strength to say “I can’t breathe.”

Public outcry over his death has led to protests in all 50 states and multiple countries across the world. These protests (mostly peaceful) have enacted police brutality among those expressing their 1st amendment right.

In Los Angeles, a city with a history of unethical treatment of POC’s, protests have sprung up throughout the city.

In Hollywood, approximately 20,000 people marched in the streets for police reform, and the unethical treatment of the black community.

Largest Human Riots Protest In History

These events have turned into a global protest with the inclusion of 17 countries. Many city police departments are currently standing with protesters.

The protests also bring to light the use of police to subdue the crowds. With tear gas, riots clubs, and rubber bullets, The National Guard as well as many local authorities have been shown using excessive force on all types of protesters. For one 75-year old who was videotaping the protests, police, using excessive force to ground the man, experienced severe head trauma and laid bleeding while officers moved around him.

These protests continue to grow in support of police reform. The President, Donald Trump remains opposed to the public and continually uses force. The President was seen moving into the White House bunker while thousands of protesters sat outside. The next day, President Tear gassed a church and did a small photo-op of him holding The Bible.

This has only moved to exacerbate the situation and cause more turmoil.

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