Mask Fines For LA: What To Do When Driving Cross Country

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Mask fines are quickly becoming a hot topic. COVID-19 isn’t going away. Despite our belief that this would go away – it hasn’t. Mainly this is happening due to people choosing not to wear a mask.

What does this mean for truck drivers when entering the state? It means be on guard!

With so many peopple not adhering to mask protocols, and cases spreading across the state like wildfire, the possibility of fines are being put in place.

Truck drivers are used to making trips that cross state lines. They have also been the industry that has been facing hardships while COVID-19 keeps businesses closed.

Mask Fines Will Go Up After Multiple Citations

When driving through California, there are a few ways to avoid getting fined for not wearing a mask.

The most obvious protection is to wear one.

There are steps you can take to avoid being caught with your pants down (or mask off).

By keeping multiple masks on hand can provide enough cover for when you need to leave your truck.

Having more than one on hand will also help continue the cleanliness of your masks. By switching them out consistently, you will help remain a healthy living situation.

If you are out in public without a mask – you can potentially receive a $100 dollar fine.

 Councilman Paul Koretz motioned for the enforcing mandate on masks.

“I’ve been a strong proponent of residents wearing masks to protect themselves and others from contracting the disease since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic,” Koretz said. “I’m glad that the mayor has added the requirement to his Safer LA order, but it is past time to actually enforce mask-wearing if people will not protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors, especially the most vulnerable.”

Los Angeles is quickly becoming one of the worst affected areas for COVID-19 in the US. With record cases surging, harder measures need to be taken to slow the spread of the virus.

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