Mack has Launched a New Maintenance Program for Customers

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Mack Trucks has just announced the new Mack Premium Service Agreement. It is a wide-ranging maintenance program which does simplify maintenance management. It therefore and helps increase uptime, utilize vehicle safety and performance and effectively improve the cost of ownership for the company’s Anthem, Mack Pinnacle, Mack Granite, Mack TerraPro, and Mack LR customers.

This month, Mack did make the announcement during the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting on September 12-16, 2021 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mack Premium Service Agreement

Adding to new truck purchases is the optional Premium Service Agreement or to trucks in service. This, in fact, is prior to their first service interval. It does replace Mack’s existing maintenance plans and then does streamline maintenance management with one solution. It will take the burden of routine maintenance and preventative maintenance away from the truck owner. Then it will transfer it to the company dealer network. Moreover, customers can, in fact, go and tailor the plans to the length of their ownership cycle. It would reflect the expecting operating duty conditions of the truck. They include normal duty or heavy duty. Moreover, to optimize maintenance intervals based on the duty cycle.

Flexible Payment Options

There are flexible payment options that let customers pay on a monthly basis. Also upfront at the time of their truck purchase. It would be billed directly or through their dealer. It is offered through the company Financial Services (MFS). Plus the bundling of the Mack Premium Service Agreement with their truck payment gives customers the chance to pay for the contract interest-free and over time. In fact, partnering with MFS also gives customers a committed financial services partner to provide support throughout the life of the vehicle and service agreement.

“With easy payment solutions through the company’s Financial Services, clarified invoicing and the support of Mack’s entire North American dealer network to help assist with maximum uptime and vehicle performance, customers can lean on this company for vehicle maintenance. Then focus on their main business operations,” said Lee Brodeur, Mack Trucks vice president of lease operations and contract services. “In addition, customers and dealers can also get satisfaction from the full insight into service costs covering under the entire scope of the service agreement.”

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