Los Angeles Liability Insurance

If you own a commercial truck and need to insure it, there’s no way to avoid Los Angeles Liability Insurance. It’s a legal requirement to carry it if you operate a truck.

This coverage is the foundation of any truck insurance coverage. It pays for Property Damage and Bodily Injury of other people when you’re at fault. Essentially, your Liability Insurance will cover expenses if your truck is involved in an accident and you are responsible for other people’s injuries or damage to their property.

There are two types of coverage included in Liability Insurance: Property Damage and Bodily Injury. Firstly, Property Damage pays for repairs and replacement of other people’s property. It’ll also cover the damage you’ve done to objects on the street and buildings. Secondly, Bodily Injury covers medical bills, nursing care, funeral expenses and other expenses associated with injuries from the accident.

Liability also takes care of your legal defense in the event someone sues you as a result of the accident.

Los Angeles Liability Insurance Limits

liability insurance

Any truck insurance policy has limits. Be smart choosing the limits for your insurance. Make sure not to overpay but also remember that accidents involving trucks are often deadly and very destructive.

Your limits show how much your insurance can pay after you’ve paid the agreed deductible. You can split the limits or choose one combined single limit.

If you want to split the coverage, you need to choose the max amounts for:

  • Total property damage
  • Total Bodily Injury. The max amount your insurance will cover for all the people involved in the accident.
  • Bodily Injury per person. The max amount your insurance will pay per person.

However, liability covers only the most basic necessities. For further coverage, review Umbrella Insurance to fill in gaps.

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