Is Comp-Only Insurance the Right Car Storage Insurance for You?

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Don’t want to take your summery sports car out in the rain? Have any vehicle you want to keep in storage? You may want to check out ways to reduce the cost of insurance! One way to reduce this cost is to remove all coverage aside from comprehensive coverage. This is otherwise known as “comp-only insurance,” seasonal vehicle insurance, or car storage insurance.

Comp-only insurance pays for non-collision damages and equipment. This applies if the vehicle is stolen, hits an animal, or is damaged from vandalizing, fire, or another natural cause. But, it doesn’t cover property damages or injury or medical expenses in the case of an accident. Before you decide if comp-only insurance is the right insurance for you, you might want to think about these factors.

Firstly, some states have specific coverage requirements for vehicles. If you don’t have the correct insurance, you could face a citation or suspended license. Always check on these requirements first!

Next – when do you plan to drive your vehicle again? When you do drive it, you have to make sure to change your coverage. If an incident occurs when you start driving again and you only have comp-only insurance, you could be responsible for huge costs. Make a note of this on your calendar or even in the car itself. Don’t drive until you change your coverage!

Finally, talk to different insurance companies. Some might not give comp-only coverage for more than half a year. You may have to insure another vehicle with full coverage on the same policy. Every company is different and has different policies.

Make sure that you choose the right policy for you and your driving needs!

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