Hyzon Motors Make Fuel Cell Material Production Facility

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The Hyzon Motors Trucking Company is a spinoff from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. And they have big plans that even their predecessor would have never predicted. Plans to produce fuel cells at alarming rates. Plans to include critical components woth the necessity of hydrogen vehicles at the helm.

The hydrogen-powered truck and bus manufactured is leasing the 28,000 sq-ft. facilities to expand production. Hyzon has made mention that they would become a public company.

That’s just dandy news for Hyzon.

They’re a new name in the game with barely two decades of experience. The company was established as early as last year post-spin-off from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. The latter develops commercial applications for fuel cells. They’ve been doing that since 2003. That’s pretty cool, all things considered. Now, there’s sights being set on the North American fuel cell vehicle market. This comes from a lack of establishing domestic hydrogen fueling networks. Therefore, the company feels the need to target heavy-duty vehicle customers with a “back-to-base” business model.

There’s plenty of progress happening for Hyzon as they continue to build factories in the USA, even though fuel cell materials tend to lack behind the bigger brothers of Europe and Asia. That always tends to be the case for a number of commercial vehicle stations where one is able to pull up and pay for gas. This isn’t always so quickly accessible but whatever.

Hyzon seems to have a good head on their shoulders. These days, you need to be as levelheaded as a fuel cell trucking company to be dominating other fuel cell trucking companies. It isn’t always easy. But it’s also pretty fun when you consider the possibilities. It all has a bit of glee to be generating hydrogen strong fuel cell materials especially designed to counter the bullies that Hyzon has been facing for eternities.

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