How Truck Insurance Protects Your Business Off the Road

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Protect your fleet even while it's parked!
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Too many trucking companies have come to see insurance coverage as an unfair burden. They wonder why they’re forced to get truck insurance when their drivers are perfectly safe. However, truck insurance does so much more than just protect your drivers out on the road. Read on to learn more about how truck insurance can save your business even when your truckers aren’t driving.

If You Haul Goods, Cargo Insurance Protects Your Business

Cargo insurance is a must-have for any business that involves hauling goods via truck. Not only does this insure your cargo against damage while you’re actively hauling, but it also protects cargo while it’s in your care but not actively on the road. For example, it protects you if thieves target a parked box truck. If your business hauls goods, you know that those goods represent your livelihood. Cargo insurance makes sure that you won’t lose your livelihood should something happen to that cargo.

In the Event of a Truck Fire, Physical Damage Insurance Can Help

Physical damage insurance is an essential part of any insurance policy. It has two components to it: collision and comprehensive. Collision insurance, predictably, protects your truck if it is damaged in a collision. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance protects it in all other situations. Things like truck theft, vandalism, or even fire can happen at any time. With comprehensive insurance, your insurance will pay out for any damage that happens to your truck. This way, you can get back out on the road quickly with a new or repaired truck. Physical damage can be devastating for a business, but the right insurance policy can protect you completely.

Protect Your Employees with Workers’ Comp

Business owners know that their employees are the most important part of their business. Without them, nothing would get done on time, leaving your company dead to rights. That’s why you need to protect your employees with workers’ compensation insurance. Without this type of insurance for your truck business, you could be open to a lawsuit if your employee gets injured on the job. This is certainly bad for the company, but it’s also bad for your employees. They want to feel like the company cares for them, and without workers’ comp, it’ll feel like the company is actively against them. Protect your employees and their morale with robust workers’ comp insurance!

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