Heatwave Rises Boiling Point of Southern California to New “EWs”

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The heatwave is brutalizing all residents of the area. They have been suffering enough during a broiling Fourth of July holiday weekend. However, the murderous temps are unfortunately expecting to keep climbing across the city.

Heatwave in the Triple Digits

Throughout the week, the heat is expecting to build higher and higher. Thereby soaring into the triple digits in some parts of this weekend.

No Relief in Sight

Excessive heat will be possible Friday through Sunday, the National Weather Service predicts. In fact, the temperatures are going to reach highs of 100 to 112 degrees in outlying areas and stretching further North.

In fact, the highs of 90 to 100 degrees will reach the region’s valleys and lower mountains. Therefore, the temperatures in the coastal areas are expecting in the mid-70s to mid-80s.

Heatwave Triggers Brush Fires

There is an elevated risk of brush fires with the increased heat. Independence Day weekend was a catalyst for that as fire crews worked across the state to contain many blazes that were brought on by hot, dry conditions.

In one city, the Tumblewood fire had scorched 1,000 acres, at 65% containment as of Tuesday morning. In fact, Captain Ron Haralson has shown concern over the rising temperatures. Knowing the vegetation in the area is very dry.

Big Fires are Still Going on

Therefore, in the far reaches of Northern cities, fire crews are continuing to battle several fires. Tragically, nearly 50,000 acres have been, in fact, burned between the three blazes.

Year-Around Heatwave

“There is no more wildfire season anymore. For here in California, it’s the sad year-round reality,” someone on Twitter who is a user posting on July 1 regarding the three wildfires.

“Now, what we’re seeing early in the season are these very intense, high-pressure systems, which are desiccating the fuel load,” said William Patzert. Patzert is a retired oceanographer and climatologist. “Ignition seems to be pretty easy these days.

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