What is a CA Number?

The Carrier Identification Number is issued by the California Highway Patrol and used by them for identifying motor carriers. When applying, you need to complete a Motor Carrier Profile and make sure to fill the form correctly. All commercial motor vehicles with a GVW of over 10,000 pounds get a California Motor Vehicle Permit. Another requirement is that they display the number (known as a CA number) in permanent lettering on the vehicle.

As a motor carrier operating in California, you need to register your CA# with the DMV in order to get a Motor Carrier Permit (MCP).  This is a legal requirement before beginning any operations on California highways.

How can I get a CA Number?

For getting a Motor Carrier Permit, besides getting your CA#, you’re going to need to:

  • complete an application for MCP
  • pay the dues
  • meet the Liabllity Insurance Requirements 
  • provide proof of Work Comp Insurance
  • provide a valid Requester Code if you have drivers working for you with a Commercial Class A or B, or Class C driver’s license with a hazmat endorsement

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