Los Angeles Garage Keepers Insurance

Are you running a towing service? Or maybe you own a mechanic shop? Taking care of clients’ vehicles? In all of these cases you’re taking responsibility for other people’s cars. That means that if anything happens to your client’s car, you’ll have to pay for the damage. It doesn’t matter if it happens in the process of towing or while the car is parked. In order to avoid financial losses for an incident that occurs on your watch, get Los Angeles Garage Keepers Insurance.

This coverage is not mandatory, but as you can imagine, it’ll help you rest easy and ensure the financial safety of your business.

Do you need Los Angeles Garage Keepers Insurance?

garage keepers

If your clients’ vehicles are stored or parked at your location on a regular basis then it’s a good idea to get Garage Keepers coverage. Without a doubt, bad things can happen to your customer’s car while in your possession. It doesn’t matter how vigilant you are. That’s why you must get yourself covered. In this case, ff the car is vandalized or there’s a  fire, you won’t have to pay out of pocket.

If you tow cars, you should also get On-Hook Towing Insurance. It pays if something happens to your customer’s car while you towing it. This and Garage Keepers are two essential types of insurance for any towing business.

Los Angeles Truck Insurance will be happy to provide you with all the info on these and all other kinds of coverage. Trust us, we’ll bind a policy that protects your business at all times. Call (213) 634-3292 today!