Freight Rates Between the US and Mexico goes down from August

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Between the countries of the United States of America and Mexico, freight rates have been pretty lackluster. You can blame that on a number of things. Blame it on the pandemic, the election or just that pair of shoes the truck driver took too long to tie.

About 70 and a half percent of all the goods were in a move in August. And there are multiple ways they’re going through rearrangment. That’s regarding the money they have been making, by the way, that they’re moving. Trucking had freight shipped by $33 billion. Rail did so by way of $6.5 billion. Maritime vessels accomplished this with $4.3 billion. Air cargo did so in $1.2 billion. Pipeline? $400 million.

The busiest truck border ports were in Laredo, Texas, Detroit, Michigan and the Buffalo-Niagara area of New York. Respectively, Laredo accumulated $14.6 billion, Detroit came up with $8.9 billion and Buffalo-Niagara had $4.7 billion to show for it. This essentially is showing results for 46.3% of all total cross-border truck freight information.

There has been evidence of tender outbound volume in Laredo as it’s increased at a moderate rate from just a week ago. It has since risen from last year. Truck volumes all throughout the border accounted for 46.3% of freight from August to a little ahead of Labor Day.

Freight Rates Are Underrated

Finally, you have to give it up for our truckers. Across three cross-border rail commodities, two massive countries in North America, and one goal in mind. To absolutely show how relentless their perspective is on getting the job done, they truck on and don’t stop because the job at large needs to be done. Good for them!

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