FMCSA Acting Boss Meets with Trucking Groups to Discuss Challenges

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FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Deputy Administrator Meera Joshi last week did meet with many transportation organizations in the Midwest. This is part of efforts to therefore strengthen commercial vehicle safety, did strengthen truck driver availability, and thus improve rail-to-truck supply chain efficiencies. In fact, the meetings were part of efforts by the Biden Administration to therefore address supply chain disruptions. This is very necessary and the United States is watching. People need goods and supplies. Also, the holidays are around the corner as well. Hopefully, things can get back on track soon.

FMCSA Comments on Truck Driver Retention and Recruitment

The focus of the White House Task Force on Supply Chain Disruptions on truck driver retention and recruitment. In fact, the main reason for America’s truck driver capacity issue is the “shockingly low retention of current drivers,” according to a statement from the FMCSA.

Truck Driving is a Vital Segment of the Supply Chain

“Truck drivers are really the essential professionals who have been working on the front lines of this pandemic,” Joshi said. “It is really hard to overstate the critical nature of trucking. That would be to the wellbeing of our nation. Moreover, truck driving is really a vital segment of the supply chain. In fact, our focus is on continually enhancing workplace practices, therefore, improving efficiencies thus including decreasing driver detention time. It would be to ensure really the highest level of safety possible for every roadway traveler.” 

Joshi met with a representative of the Illinois Farm Bureau Association, during her Midwest trip, also the Illinois Trucking Association, Union Pacific Railroad’s Global IV Intermodal Terminal, and at a United Parcel Service driver training facility. 

Moreover, a statement from the FMCSA said the discussions did cover a wide range of strategies to thus improve supply chain movement and roadway safety that include: Streamlining the transport of fuel to farm equipment; Beneficial updates to electronic logging devices; Replicating proven driver training and retention models and ways to improve rail-to-truck intermodal chassis maintenance and chassis availability.

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