Embark Trucks Partners to Create an Autonomous Driving Ecosystem

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Embark Trucks, a self-driving startup, is seeing and believes a central role in an autonomous ecosystem is run by fleets and logistics operators who know trucks the way Embark says it knows software.

Embark Developing Autonomous Technology

The company says it wants to stick to developing autonomous technology. Moreover, then leave what they call the ins and outs of trucking to those in the business that know it best. The start typically runs freight loads in autonomous-enabled trucks with a safety driver to Los Angeles to Phoenix.

Embark: Partnership with Various Companies

There is launch taking place with Partner Development Program. It includes Werner Enterprises, Mesilla Valley Transportation, and Bison Transport. Moreover, the goal is to improve the speed, reliability and the safety of robot trucks. The result is giving like more flexibility for the human drivers.

A refinement with Embark’s software would take place. Thus create support services to enable carriers to own. Moreover, operate its equipped trucks on certain U.S. freight lanes.

Ecosystem Approach

What is central to the ecosystem approach is the company called Drive system. In fact, Embark would go ahead and license the software on a per-mile basis. This would allow the safe navigation of a carrier-owned. As well as its equipped truck from its place of origin to its destination. This would mean carriers would be able to send out. Therefore manage a fleet of autonomous trucks from within their current networks.

TuSimple Monetizes Autonomous Truck Software

TuSimple, which is an Embark competitor, has laid out a similar approach. It would be as one of two ways it, therefore, is planning to monetize its autonomous software. It will be embedding in an International Class 8 truck from Navistar International Corporation in 2024.

Universal Interface

Creating a universal interface that is plug-and-play capable on Class 8 trucks from Freightliner, Volvo, International and Peterbuilt is what Embark is doing.

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