Electronic Mail… by Truck? Changes in the USPS

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CALIFORNIA – A new wave of technology is hitting US mail, and it’s now starting in California. The US Postal Service plans to add seven electric delivery trucks to its fleet in Stockton and Fresno. This particular area is known for its poor air quality. So, the hope is that the electric trucks can help combat this problem.

Not only will the trucks help to reduce emissions, but they’ll save in fuel costs as well. In fact, USPS expects each truck to save between $4,000 and $6,000 a year! In addition, they hope to save 37 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. They will test this theory in the upcoming trial period for the trucks.

Motiv Power, a Silicon Valley conversion company, converted these 1.5-ton delivery trucks to electric power. The first of the trucks from Motiv Power started deliveries on Tuesday. The remaining nine trucks are set to head out in Fresno and Stockton in the upcoming weeks.

The trucks, based on a Ford E-450 chassis, have a range of up to just about 90 miles. This should be more than enough for a daily mail delivery route. In addition, the trucks have a top speed of 60 miles per hour. And, they expect the trucks to be much quieter than previously.

In addition to the new electric trucks, USPS plans to replace its fleet with more contemporary models, as well. Since the old trucks are a bit outdated, more than thirty years old, they are looking at new models for the next generation mail trucks. Only will tell what the USPS decides. But, it is clear that they are sending the mailing industry into the future with the new plans!

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