Electric Truck Stop will not Serve Gas or Diesel Anymore

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An electric-only truck stop in Bakersfield, California built by startup WattEv will feature charging powered by a solar array. WattEv also plans to use the charging stations for its own fleet of vehicles in addition to the site being open to the public.

Electric Truck Stop: Long-Term Goal

The short-term goal of the stop is to utilize a 25-MW capacity with 40 charging stalls. Then the long-term goal is the site will start at 4 MW. Moreover, it would put it about on par with the first publicly accessible electric heavy-duty truck charging station. That, in fact, opened in April in Portland, Oregon.

Solar Micro Grid

However, it is much larger. The major highway intersection at the south end of California’s San Joaquin Valley is the location of the 110-acre site. It is located near Amazon and Walmart fulfillment centers, a WattEV press release stated. A solar micro-grid will be at the site, along with a battery energy storage, in addition, it will also get grid electricity from local utility Pacific Gas & Electric, the release has stated.

Fleet of its Own

WattEV is pushing for its own fleet. Though it has included manufacturers, tech firms, community organizations and government agencies. The company has already made reservations for 50 Tesla Semis. It does plan to place more orders with additional manufacturers. WattEV is on the way to a combined goal across the industry of putting 12,000 heavy-duty battery-electric trucks on California roads by the end of the year 2030.

Big Trucks Vs. DC Fast-Charging for Electric Cars

There is a ramp-up effort to charge infrastructure for big trucks. That is going to be a much more momentual hurdle. Then, in fact, sitting DC fast-charging for electric cars. This is due to greater power demands. Moreover, it also faces the same standardization challenges in fact as electric-car fast charging. In fact, the truckmakers are still converging on a megawatt charging standard. It is not even Tesla is going it alone this time.

West Coast Electric Highway

Dedicated planning charging sites for heavy-duty trucks doesn’t just feature WattEv which is not the only entity. There is a plan by utilities released in 2020 for a West Coast Electric Highway. It would link California, Oregon, and Washington along the I-5 highway corridor.

Moreover, this plan would call for some charging sites on connecting highways, that include California Route 99. It would pass through Bakersfield. In fact, the WattEV’s truck stop would, in fact, become part of that network.

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