Electric: Putting Mechanics Out Of Work?

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The electric car movement has shifted the industry in more ways than one. With fewer moving parts comes fewer variables to look out for. Thus, the days of making a moderate living in the mechanical world have shrunk. We are going to take a look at a few high-level inquires as to how the industry will shift once EV’s become the main market.

Electric Will Leave Oil Changes Behind

Standard combustion engines utilize an enormous amount of fluids in order to maintain the function of the engine. No oil in your car? Well, there can be some problems that come from that if you continue to use it dry. Oil changes have been a prominent function of auto repairs since their inception.

With an electric car, this concept goes out the window. With most people either paying to have an oil change or simply doing it in their backyard, oil changes are one of the most common forms of engine maintenance.

Fuel Line Repairs

Without the use of fossil fuels, there is no need for this part of standard combustion engines. Electric currents will instead travel through wires. No need for tubes and vacuums when there is nothing that needs to be transferred from the gas tank (which also does not exist).

Much like an oil change, if there is a significant leak in any lines, it can cause major harm to the engine. If you consistently run without having these issues repaired, then you may not have a car for very long. This again will no longer be much of a factor once electrics hit the large scale market.

Electric Won’t Kill ALL Mechanic Jobs

Basic maintenance needs are still prevalent. Even if the world was completely switched over to electric vehicles, there will still be a need for repairs. Tire rotations, brake replacement, coolant flushes, and many other factors will still be utilized in order to create safer driving conditions, but the common and more basic maintenance will go by the way-side.

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