Daimler Recalls Thousands Of Trucks From Freightliner and Western Star

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Daimler has done the unthinkable. Over 120,000 trucks were taken away from the usage of Americans simply because there would be a loss of electrical power. Furthermore, there would be unintentional stalls in the engine. To be specific, the recall hits about 122,056 vehicles from the 2019-2022 Freightliner Cascadia, to the 2021-2022 Western Star 49X trucks. In that case, the battery cable terminal is likely to break from electrical power and unintended engine stalling. Dealers are pretty intent on replacing battery cables free-of-charge. Owners are able to contact the DTNA customer service at the number of phones: 1-800-547-0712, with a recall number of FL-893.

Daimler Has Provided Some Data About All This

A drop in demands by negative nine-point-one percent. The supply of trucks drops by negative-point-nine percent. Furthermore, there’s negative eight-point-three percent of market pressure dropping. Additionally, there’s also a positive uptick of point-eight percent going up because of spot rates.

Rates would go upwards through the market overall on flatbed declines. In such a case, there has been a decline in flatbed load postings. There are further moments in which the vehicles are in way better shape.

There are sharp declines all throughout. The July 4th holiday week was certainly very up and down with the peak of the spot market looking ever so dismal. When you see the FTR transportation Intelligence Stats, you can tell that this is all the more better than what 2020 showed. That week wasn’t quite as weak as last year. This is what I figure happens because of Daimler being totally insecure about admitting to their problems. Again, this isn’t to say that life is getting any better or lesser. It’s just to say that Daimler was able to bring in thousands of trucks on the road without a tinge of regret. Not one qualm whatsoever there at all.

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