COVID Is A Mighty Threat, But Truckers Don’t Need the Vaccine Mandate

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The COVID Vaccine Mandate Is Cancelled Out For Large Businesses.
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Firstly, President Joe Biden has instructed the trucking sector with fresh guidance from the federal government that vaccination and testing rules will no longer apply for even large trucking companies. In addition to the pre-existing ruling of not requiring solo truck drivers to take the vaccination and/or get the test, the Supreme Court is bellowing a loud declaration: No vaccine mandates or tests for companies. That there’s a 6-3 decision publicized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s not able to be enforced and likely to be rejected with more court action to follow. Solo truck drivers have been in the clear from having to listen to the government about what they need to do versus COVID. And yet, the Supreme Court has made it all null and void. No longer will any of the truck drivers have to handle the COVID pandemic in such a forced manner.

COVID Is Totally Confusing Truckers At-Large

Furthermore, the American Trucking Associations CEO and President Chris Spear have made it known that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was wrong in their overstep.  “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court validates our claim that OSHA far overstepped its authority in issuing an emergency temporary standard that would interfere with individuals’ private health care decisions. Trucking has been on the front lines throughout the pandemic — delivering PPE, medical supplies, food, clothing, fuel, and even the vaccines themselves. Thanks to this ruling, our industry will continue to deliver critical goods, as our nation recovers from the pandemic and we move our economy forward.”

Finally, the Supreme Court is certainly reviewing its actions carefully because of how lower court decisions can be in conflict with what OSHA can implement. COVID is for certain a deadly viurs against jobs.

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