Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Organizes Brake Safety Week

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Brake Safety Week is starting soon this year. In the Summer specifically. And it’s going to be something you’ll have plenty of time for. You honestly don’t even have to worry! It’s taking place all over North America, which includes the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. All through the week of August 20th through 26th.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance stated fresh information about how inspectors are going to be eagle-eyed. The inspectors are going to take a close look to notice brake lining violations. If you don’t handle that, vehicle violations may impact your truck’s safety rating.

And all through the Brake Safety Week, regardless if it’s Level I or Level V, officers are looking for so many mistakes.

So many problems to look out for!

You can’t have missing parts. They can’t be contaminated. Keep an ear out for air leaks. The slack adjusters are about the same size so if they aren’t, you’re in trouble. Keep the air pressure between 90 through 100 psi.

Look out for non-manufactured fractures of the spring brake.

Notice the warning devices, like ABS or anti-lock braking system and keep an eye on the breakaway system as it’s operable on the trailer.

In 2022 alone, 38,117 inspections had been conducted in North America. How many do you think will come about in 2023?

Truly the name of the game these days when it comes to trucking is preparedness. If you don’t have enough preparedness to go around, then are you a real owner-operator? Or are you just some sap that can’t handle the real responsibilities of the job at hand?

It would honestly be quite disgraceful if you were not accustomed to making sure your truck brakes on command, as one’s commercial vehicle should, because then that shows a blatant disregard for people all over.

Be ready for brake safety week.

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