Chaves, Owner Of Fleet, Pays $632,000 For False FMCSA Documents

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There was a fleet owner who has had to pay a heaping sum of $632,000 in restitution. The owner, Michael Chaves, has had to pay a hefty price because he was using another trucker’s identification minus the permission. From there, Chaves would go on to falsify the motor carrier registration documents. Furthermore, Chaves is ready to go to prison for two-and-a-half years by the DOT Office of Inspector General. There is three years following of supervised release and also a $1,000 special assessment. Chaves had falsifying documents that he would use to get ahead in the FMCSA. These documents were in use to hide affiliations with a certain company from under a federal out-of-service order. In turn, this would also generate false docs to give way for FMCSA regulations and guidelines. For whatever reason, sense, Chaves had to pay the price.

In addition, Chaves also faces evading income taxes.

This was noted by business and personal expenses being commingled. Therefore, making for fraudulent third-party checks that would be cashed like a check casher instead of a bank. Therefore, maintaining about fifteen separate bank accounts while utilizing five different company names. Furthermore, there had been similar scams in the zeitgeist, like the Amazon return scam. In which products would have to be returned with lesser-value items than the original orders.

This would also include replacing original items with similar weights, like a commercial truck tire. Except all that would remain in the Amazon box would be two pieces of wood. Finally, Chaves would go ahead and return heavy parts instead of the new parts. This is all in the pursuit of justice as it would turn out. He should not have been operating these trucks illegally during the corporate shutdown caused by the corona virus. Will you imagine with me sillier circumstances? The chances of this happening again is pretty far out. And if you don’t quite get it, may you have some fresh perspective. This is a necessary asset.

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