Cannabis Businesses Drop Lawsuit For “Flawed” Licensing

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Los Angeles, CA – Cannabis businesses are dropping charges that are stunting the growth of the cannabis industry in LA. The dropping of these charges comes amid the state allowance of more businesses.

During the establishment of cannabis, a flooding of applicants made the process slow. When October hit, the issue had created a “glug” in the flow of applicants.

Throughout that time, many owners were stuck in limbo as they were not able to open, although they had their stores ready to start taking in customers.

The flawed aspect of the licensing process comes from the start time. Many businesses were ready to apply directly at 10 am – the start time. The problem was that many had applied either ahead of time or had plans in place to get around it.

“It is fundamental to any fair race that the competitors must start at the same time or, at the very least, be given accurate information about when the race will begin.” says The Social Equity Owners and Workers Assn.

The group is currently spear-heading the charges. The lawsuit is going to drop due to the city awarding more licenses to businesses.

One of the largest issues facing cannabis legalization is the prospect of black store owners. Many white business owners are the first to receive licenses. Unfortunately, many black owners are consistently waiting.

Cannabis Businesses Remain In Limbo

The legal side of the cannabis industry is feeling a massive blow from COVID-19. While the underground businesses are flourishing, many legal operations are closing their doors.

The Federal Government continues to work against those looking to grow an industry. While maintaining its schedule 1 on the narcotics scale, many business owners are missing out on potential stimulus packages. On the flip side, black market businesses are continuing to grow.

For many who were hopeful for their industry, things may take longer than expected.

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