Battery-Powered Powertrains Invite Clean Tech! Imminent For Trucking

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Electric trucks are kicking hydrogen butt! This is thanks to the admittance made that in the race to zero-emission powertrains, the electric trucks that come with battery-power is in the lead. What a strange finding by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA).

Based in California, the group has been focusing on the state of clean traveling. This is especially promising when they show off their forecast for all-electric vehicles at this year’s Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. From there, the report will be titled The State of Sustainable Fleets 2021.

The consultants had this to say: “Despite its early stage of commercial development, satisfaction from early users is high in our fleet survey and actual BEVs [battery electric vehicles] orders by fleets is already three times its deliveries. If current order growth continues rising steeply and production capacity expands, BEVs are on track to become a leading clean fleet technology.”

Findings like these make compressed natural gas and liquified propane gas seem like they belong in the past. These two fuels have been on the forefront of clean transportation forever. You wouldn’t believe it from the words I say, but it’s true. California in particular has been increasing requirements to get to near-godliness. Why can’t everyone else get their nitrous levels no more than .02 grams per brake horsepower-hour. Trucks that are considered medium-duty and heavy-duty alike will have no choice but to go into zero emission states. Hopefully by 2045, when it’s most likely.

Plenty of GNA panelists from companies like Shell and Daimler have agreed themselves that the OEMs, customers and utilities have to work closer together in order to see to it that duty-cycle demands are patient. That they are patient and waiting for all-electric commercial vehicles. To handle charging infrastructure, specifically, matters a ton.

Experts have said “Battery electric vehicles are still fairly expensive but there is still lot of interest in anticipation of the [total cost of ownership] savings.”

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