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Make sure you get a different policy if you carry dangerous/hazardous cargo!
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Are you the kind of trucking company that carries cargo of any sort? If you do, you have to make sure that in addition to just regular commercial carrier insurance, you also have cargo insurance! When your business is set up to carry cargo, it is important to always keep the vessel in which you carry the cargo (aka your truck) and the cargo itself super protected! The best way to keep everything super protected is to be insured with us!

No matter what kind of work you do, be it for hire or working with a shipping company like Amazon, cargo insurance is not just helpful, it is essential!

Accidents happen all of the time, whether it is a physical accident while driving, cargo getting stolen, or even cargo getting damaged from weather issues like a storm. If any of these things happen, having carrier and cargo insurance will make sure you and the cargo stay as fully protected as possible! Accidents and the causes of them can create serious financial nightmares for companies that are not properly insured. Luckily for you, you do not have to deal with it all on your own!

With our cargo insurance, it does not matter what caused damage to the cargo. If there is damage of any kind, we will take care of it! You, your truck, your company, and your cargo are always our biggest priorities, so we will give our all to ensure everything remains safe and sound!

Do not forget though, any form of cargo that qualifies as dangerous or hazardous requires its own specific kind of cargo insurance.

Dangerous or hazardous goods would be considered any sort of hazmat goods such as liquids, toxic gases, and other things along this line. If you need more help deciphering if your cargo is considered dangerous, feel free to give us a call and we can help you decide which insurance you need.

Our insurance is perfect for any trucker as we offer it all! Our coverage plans do not end with cargo insurance! We provide everything from liability insurance and collision insurance to garage keepers insurance and on-hook towing insurance.

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