AB5: The Independents Fight Back

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AB5, a bill that would turn private contractors into permanent workers has been facing harsh backlash from the CA community. Uber/Lyft drivers, along with contract truckers have fought for the ability to keep their flexible jobs.

AB5: Not Just for Drivers

This law doesn’t just slam drivers. AB5 looks to target freelance journalists and many others who run their own operations. All of whom identify as “Freelancers”. The goal is to turn a sharp “gig-economy” into full-time jobs. The entire freelance economy is at stake and will not allow gig-workers to operate their positions without becoming a member of the company.

The Biggest Issue

The major issue within the bill states that a company can hire a contractor if “the duties are outside of what the company offers.” So a company that sells protein powder can hire a contract plumber to fix their pipes, but cannot hire a freelance protein salesman. Now, that sounds interesting, but how many freelance positions become hired with other companies that specialize in what they do. This is the largest issue with the trucking industry and Uber/Lyft. The entire company relies on freelance drivers who want to set their own schedule their own hours of operation. Owner-Operators fall into the same company. They jump from trucking company to trucking company who specializes in, well, trucking. Can we start to see the problem?

Independent Contractors are Pushing Back

Many individuals have found these new rules to impede on their livelihood. As much as the idea of turning temp contractors into permanent workers, many have established themselves in the gig economy. Being able to set your own schedules allows for having the time to get daily tasks done. Family emergency? You can make up the hours after. You are in control of your own times, and AB5 takes that freedom away.

AB5: Uber/Lyft Drivers Taking to the Streets

This issue is familiar to everyone. The state hasn’t necessarily found a way to adapt effective methods to improve the standard of living for its citizens. Instead, they decided to paint a broad brush stroke which over encompasses many industries and their workers who aren’t willing to be permanent employees. Many have taken to the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, and other highly mobile cities in order to protest the bill which would impact their livelihood detrimentally.

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