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Semi Truck Insurance

Los Angeles Semi Truck Insurance

The trucking industry relies on semi-trucks – they are the core of nationwide shipping. The majority of the freight in the country is shipped using 18-wheelers. No wonder there’s always demand for semi-trucks. Plus, they make good money for their owners.

If you do own a semi-truck, it’s vital to have it properly insured. Without proper Los Angeles Commercial Auto Insurance any accident can put you in a difficult financial situation.

Semi Truck Insurance with Los Angeles Truck Insurance

At Los Angeles Truck Insurance we realize the importance of having the right commercial auto insurance.

semi truck insuranceWhat kind of Los Angeles semi truck Insurance do you need for your truck? First of all, Liability Insurance is legally required for a commercial truck. If you are at fault of an accident, it will cover Property Damage and Bodily Injury of the other party. To protect your truck, you’ll also need Physical Damage coverage. It includes Collision Insurance that will pay if your truck is involved in a collision, and comprehensive insurance will protect it in all other cases such as fire and theft.

Cargo Insurance is also often required, especially when you are a car carrier and deal with valuable cargo. You might also consider Bobtail Insurance to protect your tractor.

Contact us today and let us assist you with getting the right kind of big rig insurance. We will bind a policy that will both protect you and fit your budget.