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Physical Damage

Los Angeles Physical Damage

If you are in a trucking business, your truck is your livelihood. You have invested a lot in your truck and it is your main source of income. If your truck is stolen or damaged, it might become a financial disaster for you. Your business would be interrupted and you would have to repair or even replace your truck. To be safe from losing tens of thousands dollars you need optimal Physical Damage coverage.

Physical Damage protects your vehicle in accidents no matter who is at fault, and many other situations. Unlike Liability Insurance, it covers your truck even if you are responsible in a crash.

Los Angeles Physical Damage Coverages

There are two parts in Physical Damage Insurance. The first is Collision Insurance that will pay if your truck sustains damage in a crash or as a result of collision with another object. It might be a vehicle or a building or any other object. It will also cover the damage if your truck has overturned.

For all other situations there is the second coverage: Comprehensive Insurance. It will cover damage done to your truck except for collisional.

Some types of trucks also require a special kind of Physical Damage Coverage called CAC – Combined Additional Coverage. Sometimes it is also referred to as Fire and Theft coverage. It covers the vehicle in specific non-collision situations such as:

  • physical damageTheft
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Storm or hail
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Vandalism
  • Sinking
  • And other various situations.

Why Do You Need Physical Damage?

Physical Damage is typically required for leased vehicles. It is also crucial to have this kind of coverage if you haven’t paid off your truck yet. But even if you are a sole owner of your truck, it is too risky not to have it properly insured.

Call Los Angeles Truck Insurance and let us assist you with your Commercial Truck Insurance. We are looking forward to working with you!