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Obtain MC Authority

 Who needs to Obtain MC Authority ?

Sometimes a USDOT Number is not enough, that’s why FMCSA requires that a trucking company obtain an MC Number. Furthermore, companies are going to need to obtain this operating authority, if they:

  •  provide transportation for passengers in interstate commerce for     compensation, that can be direct or indirect
  •  operate as a for-hire carrier in interstate commerce or a broker

MC, MX and FF are several types of operating authority. To be sure of what operating authority you need, you must take into consideration the type of operations you run and the cargo you carry.

Types of Authority

There are several types of operating authority. They include:

  • Motor Common Carrier of Property, excluding Household Goods
  • Common Carrier of Household Goods
  • Motor Contract Carrier of Property, excluding Household Goods
  • Carrier of Household Goods
  • Broker of Property, excluding Household Goods
  • Motor Passenger Carrier
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Mexican Certificate of Registration for Foreign Motor Carriers and Foreign Motor Private Carriers
  • Non-North America–Domiciled Motor Carrier
  • Mexico-based Carrier for MC Authority to Operate beyond Commercial Zones on the US-Mexiko Border (MX) and US Municipalities

Do you need to get authority to operate?

It’s not mandatory to have operating authority if you are:

  • A private carrier, which means that you only haul your own cargo
  • A for-hire carrier, which only transports cargo that is not regulated federally
  • A carrier operating only within a federally designated commercial zone that is not subject to interstate authority rules

How Long Does The Process Take to get an MC Number?

If you are a new applicant, the process can take 20-25 business days. But if you’re already registered and just want to add operating authority, the process takes longer (45-60 business days).

Our professionals are always ready to help you and answer all your questions about  MC Authority. Contact us today to get answers!