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Med Pay

Los Angeles Med Pay

Car crashes are not only a financial threat to your business because your commercial vehicle can be severely damaged. Many auto accidents lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. To protect the driver and the passengers, there is Med Pay coverage.

Med Pay coverage is short from Medical Payments. This type of insurance will pay for all kinds of medical bills and other expenses associated with injuries from an accident, regardless of fault. It is not a legal requirement to have Med Pay coverage in the State of California but not having it is a huge risk. This type of truck insurance is important if you want your medical expenses covered in case of unfortunate situation.

Why Should You Get Los Angeles Med Pay?

med payIf you work in a truck business or any other business that uses commercial vehicles, Medical Payments insurance is a good idea for you. You never know what another day on the road can bring but you should be ready.

When you are getting Med Pay coverage, you need to set the limits for your policy. Make sure you have enough to cover possible consequences of an accident. If there is a crash and you don’t carry enough, you will have to pay the difference yourself. So when you are speaking with an agent, make sure to choose the limit that would make your insurance affordable enough but still be able to protect you.

Med Pay will cover you (or your driver) and your passengers if they are underinsured or don’t have health insurance. To pay for other people’s medical bills when you are at fault, there is Bodily Injury Coverage. It is a part of Liability Insurance that is required by law.

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