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Dump Truck Insurance

Los Angeles Dump Truck Insurance

The Dump truck is a vehicle usually used on construction sites. It’s a heavy duty truck utilized for shipping materials, such as sand, gravel and dirt. To be able to legally operate a dump truck in Los Angeles you’ll need Los Angeles Dump Truck Insurance.

As with any commercial auto insurance, dump truck coverage starts with Liability Insurance. It will pay for other people’s injuries and damage done by your dump truck, when it’s at fault for an accident. A dump truck is a heavy vehicle capable of causing lots of damage. Not to mention, crashes involving dump trucks often result in fatalities. This is precisely why Liability coverage is required.

dump truck insuranceLos Angeles Dump Truck Insurance protects your investment. No matter if you’re an owner-operator or a company owner, repairing or replacing a dump truck can become a financial burden =if you don’t carry enough Physical Damage insurance. It includes two parts: Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. The former will protect your truck in case it collides with another object. The latter will pay if your truck is stolen or damaged in a non-collision.

Dump Truck Insurance by Los Angeles Truck Insurance

At Los Angeles Truck Insurance we’re always happy to help you get the coverage you need. Our agents will recommend the type of coverage you need while also taking your budget into account. We work with trucking businesses and owner-operators.

Contact us today and get a free quote. We’re looking forward to assisting you with your coverage!