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Dry Van Trailer Insurance

Los Angeles Dry Van Trailer Insurance

Most of the freight is shipped in so-called dry vans. Dry vans do not have temperature control or any other special features. They are semi-trailers that are basically large boxes used to ship freight that does not require special conditions. If you use a dry van trailer, you need Los Angeles Dry Van Trailer Insurance. It is not a part of truck insurance or cargo insurance, so make sure to take care of this coverage. You don’t want to lose a lot of money if something happens to the dry van trailer you are hauling.

Let Los Angeles Truck Insurance help you with Dry Van Insurance!

dry van trailer insuranceA trailer usually does not belong to the company that uses it for shipping. But the trailer still requires insurance, and that is when Trailer Interchange Insurance can help you. It will cover the dry van trailer that you haul but do not own. Basically, it is Physical Damage coverage for the trailer that you don’t own. While it is in your possession, you are responsible for it and have to pay if something happens to the trailer. That is when your Trailer Interchange Insurance kicks in. It will pay for fire and theft, vandalism and damage done in a collision.

For this kind of Los Angeles Dry Van Insurance you will be asked to set a limit and a deductible. Your deductible shows how much you agree to pay to repair or replace the trailer. This is what you will have to pay first before your coverage will pay for you. The limit is the max amount your commercial auto insurance company will pay.

Call us with all your questions about Los Angeles Dry Van Trailer Insurance. Our agents will explain all the details to you and assist you with getting the right coverage.