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Diesel Delivery! Truck Drivers Are Able To Request Gas-To-Go

Diesel Delivery! Truck Drivers Are Able To Request Gas-To-Go

Diesel, as we all know, is the lifeblood of any big rig truck. Without it, how else can truck drivers haul heavy loads, carry shipments across country or just look cool on the covers of popular magazines? It’s almost not worth thinking about any other type of gasoline. But, the trouble sometimes, as with every beautiful thing we take for granted in this world, is that diesel runs out fast. And when you’ve got deadlines to meet and cargo to unload, this can be a problem. A problem even more severe than one anticipates.

Well, no need to worry anymore!

Delivery services have sprung from the minds behind TruckPark and FuelMe. This has been made known as a joint partnership as of January 5th. The service is looking to let truckers schedule fueling through either app. After such a request, the service is willingly allowing to dispatch a tanker to the location of the driver. Be it at a rest area or a TruckPark lot.

Often times, drivers are stuck waiting 62 minutes or more at major truck stops, just to refuel. By taking advantage of the collaboration, this service will save truckers in need plenty of time indeed. It’s even rumored by the FuelMe President that the service is likely to be readily available for less than the pump charges.

In case you weren’t in the know, some context: TruckPark is the service connecting drivers to overnight parking for their trucks, via app. Whereas, FuelMe lets truckers order fuel at any time, 24/7. They also allow for emergency roadside assistance throughout the United States.

So it looks like this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. At least that’s what FuelMe President William Marr says. “Our partnership with FuelMe is a big win for the nearly two million truck drivers who already have access to the TruckPark app.”

Volvo Trucks Brings Electricity On The Road! Introducing the Volvo VNR

Volvo Trucks Brings Electricity On The Road! Introducing the Volvo VNR

Electromobility, as it exists, will forever be revolutionized by the inventive existence of Volvo Trucks. For from their brainwaves comes something totally new and fresh. An idea unlike the kind you’ve ever seen before. Of course, we’re talking about the VNR Electric. It’s a step into the future leaving behind a past that neglects what the transportation industry is all about: innovation. Volvo trucks have a core sentimentality for improving the infrastructure, technology and applications of all trucks. In turn, they’ve easily allowed for solutions that can be advanced but easy all at once.

Let’s look at the specs of this model citizen of Volvo Trucks.

The VNR Electric is not entirely different from the regional-haul version. Yet, there are key differences that bring on a most humane approach to this geared up truck. Such examples would be the battery support carrier system with high safety standards, a best-in-class cab and chassis design and even an air compressor located conveniently underneath the driver door to enhance serviceability.

This truck is likely to be best used for local and regional stretches of distribution. This is thanks to the 264 kilowatt lithium-ion batteries, charging upwards of 80% in 70 minutes. With it comes an operational range of 150 miles, depending on the configuration of the truck. Of course, this of the Volvo Trucks electromobility-centric line generates upwards of 4,051 lb-feet of torque, while achieving a horsepower rating of 455. With a single-axle weight rating of 33,200 lbs., how could you go wrong with the VNR?

If it matters to you, there are two main tractor configurations. 4×2 with 66,000 lb. GCWR and 6×2 up to 82,000 GCWR.

As the President of Volvo Trucks North America, Peter Voorhoeve, would like to say, “Volvo Trucks is making electromobility accessible, efficient and operationally viable.”

Don’t believe he means it? Well, this video here might prove otherwise.

Volvo Trucks North America | December 4, 2020

Autonomous Trucks In Phases: Benefits are “So Big and So Dispersed”

Autonomous Trucks In Phases: Benefits are “So Big and So Dispersed”

When on the brink of change, the best thing we can do is research and wait. Any industry who does makes it happen bit by bit. There’s no need to have autonomous upheaval be so immediate and ruthless. Rather, phase that sort of thing in. That’s what an industry panel believes is the right course-of-action to do with autonomous trucking. The technology, while promising, is relatively new and widely untrustworthy as of yet. So to assume that the world is ready for something as unpredictable as autonomous operations is already premature in this instance. There has to be stronger indications. Stronger than that to show that it’s the real deal from afar and not in theory.

What is Autonomous Trucking anyway?

Basically, it’s a truck under the control of transporting cargo far distances without a physical entity seated in the driver’s seat. Almost like a robot operating the truck itself, except even beta versions of this technology, are leading us to believe otherwise. With a human controlling the truck from a remote location, this wouldn’t fall far from the tree of satellite-controlled drones for the military.

As recently as 2018, the United States Department of Transportation made a statement. “No new regulations are required for automated motor vehicles to hit the road.” This is to say the technology still is a whiles-away. It will take some time to be a commercially-viable tool for logistics companies and independent contractors alike to use seriously.

But when you ask Dan Goff, Kodiak Robotics’ director of policy, he affirms otherwise. That the team there can confirm a 10% increase of using fuel efficiently in autonomous truck tests, rather than manual powering. Kodiak does daily trips for commercial customers. He believes that the benefits are almost unbelievable. “That’s a huge amount of diesel fuel across America’s trucking fleet.”

However, any accident would set Autonomous Vehicles (AV) as an industry way back. Here’s hoping nothing like that ever happens… Again.

Freight Rates Between the US and Mexico goes down from August

Freight Rates Between the US and Mexico goes down from August

Between the countries of the United States of America and Mexico, freight rates have been pretty lackluster. You can blame that on a number of things. Blame it on the pandemic, the election or just that pair of shoes the truck driver took too long to tie.

About 70 and a half percent of all the goods were in a move in August. And there are multiple ways they’re going through rearrangment. That’s regarding the money they have been making, by the way, that they’re moving. Trucking had freight shipped by $33 billion. Rail did so by way of $6.5 billion. Maritime vessels accomplished this with $4.3 billion. Air cargo did so in $1.2 billion. Pipeline? $400 million.

The busiest truck border ports were in Laredo, Texas, Detroit, Michigan and the Buffalo-Niagara area of New York. Respectively, Laredo accumulated $14.6 billion, Detroit came up with $8.9 billion and Buffalo-Niagara had $4.7 billion to show for it. This essentially is showing results for 46.3% of all total cross-border truck freight information.

There has been evidence of tender outbound volume in Laredo as it’s increased at a moderate rate from just a week ago. It has since risen from last year. Truck volumes all throughout the border accounted for 46.3% of freight from August to a little ahead of Labor Day.

Freight Rates Are Underrated

Finally, you have to give it up for our truckers. Across three cross-border rail commodities, two massive countries in North America, and one goal in mind. To absolutely show how relentless their perspective is on getting the job done, they truck on and don’t stop because the job at large needs to be done. Good for them!

If you need to take care of your truck’s insurance policy, call on us at Los Angeles Truck Insurance. We’ll help you and your fleet out today!

Hyundai needs to get their Hyunducks in a Row: 77,000 Cars Recalled

Hyundai needs to get their Hyunducks in a Row: 77,000 Cars Recalled

Boy, I would hate to be in Hyundai’s shoes – er, wheels – right now. The automaker’s treading in hot water as 77,000 units of their Hyundai Kona electric vehicles are in need of repair.

Here’s the issue: Battery fire is common with the model, as many owners are complaining about the Hyundai Kona EV blowing up. This is so serious, actual investigators are surveying the matter in Korea.

And the scapegoats here are endless. Some say it’s the battery packs, some say it’s the battery cells… Let me tell you something. They’re both wrong. It’s not the fault of the battery packs, nor the battery cells.

The fault comes from Hyundai and Hyundai alone.

They were the ones that reached out to their joint venture company HL Green Power to do the deed. They’re the ones who made it possible with LG Chem, the spin-off whom makes the battery cells.

If this is all really being spearheaded and thrown by the automaker, they need to do more than just recall a bunch of life-size versions of my cousins 2011 HotWheels.

They need to pay for the Kona EV owners and their possible injuries.

And it’s not like LG Chem makes it any better. Sure they’re only doing the battery cells while Hyundai Mobis does the battery packs. But still. The fault seems to be a group effort. And that I don’t like the cut of that company’s jib.

Currently, stats are useless as there’s no evidence showing how the electrical vehicles are catching fire faster than gas-powered vehicles. But you can do the math; gas-guzzlers are less likely to let this happen because of course everyone would put the blame on those models.

There are literal miniature explosions happening within the engines of any gas-powered car. What else would you expect?

Talking Cars? Yeah right.

If you fear that you’ll run into explosive consequences with your truck someday, give us a call at Los Angeles Truck Insurance. We might be able to help you out, if you let us.

Newsom orders ban of new gas-powered cars by 2035

Newsom orders ban of new gas-powered cars by 2035

Governor Newsom has a great idea. Well, it’s not great for the gas companies or any industry relies on the fuel for any vehicle on the road. In turn, the repercussions will be far-reaching and potentially disastrous for any traditional businesses that relies on gas and the associated industries.

Newsom: “Climate Change is real.”

According to Governor Newsom, climate change is real and something must be done about it. That is the impetus for this ban on new gasoline-operational cars to begin in 15 years. California is a leader in driving new cleaner car technologies with its regulations. Today, the emperor of California put a new executive order in effect. In fact, he put his signature on the executive order on the hood of a red Ford Mustang Mach-E. The all-electric vehicle will be in dealerships later this year. The goal is to basically eliminate new models of traditional cars. Instead, put more vehicles on the road powered by clean technologies. Those technologies will include fuel cells and batteries on the roads of California.

Tackling Fossil Fuel Pollution

The executive order will also take on fuel pollution before it comes out of a vehicle’s tailpipes. California lawmakers will be responsible tasking with putting an end to new fracking permits by 2024. Ironically, the administration of Governor Newsom has drawing ire from environmental groups.. The issue at hand is the approval of fracking permits this summer.

Targeting traditional cars is a risky political move

During an economic crisis aimed at California’s beloved cars is risky political move. The presidential election will be a determining factor as to whether the state has the power to enact a ban. In fact, it is very likely it will face a test in court.

Some Car Companies are on board with Newsom

Honda and Ford enthusiastically welcome the announcement. Yet, some automakers such as General Motors and Toyota, are less thrilled. In fact, are most likely to start a strong campaign to fight this order. They cite it is incredibly costly requiring an overhaul of its fuel infrastructure, building codes, and consumer demand.

California is pressured to clean its air and cut greenhouses gases

California is already in a battle on various environmental fronts with the Trump administration. The daunting task is to clean its air and cut greenhouse gases that warm the planet. Newsom’s order can potentially cause more problems and give President Donald Trump and other Republican officers more ammunition during their campaigns in the November elections.

Mask Fines For LA: What To Do When Driving Cross Country

Mask Fines For LA: What To Do When Driving Cross Country

Mask fines are quickly becoming a hot topic. COVID-19 isn’t going away. Despite our belief that this would go away – it hasn’t. Mainly this is happening due to people choosing not to wear a mask.

What does this mean for truck drivers when entering the state? It means be on guard!

With so many peopple not adhering to mask protocols, and cases spreading across the state like wildfire, the possibility of fines are being put in place.

Truck drivers are used to making trips that cross state lines. They have also been the industry that has been facing hardships while COVID-19 keeps businesses closed.

Mask Fines Will Go Up After Multiple Citations

When driving through California, there are a few ways to avoid getting fined for not wearing a mask.

The most obvious protection is to wear one.

There are steps you can take to avoid being caught with your pants down (or mask off).

By keeping multiple masks on hand can provide enough cover for when you need to leave your truck.

Having more than one on hand will also help continue the cleanliness of your masks. By switching them out consistently, you will help remain a healthy living situation.

If you are out in public without a mask – you can potentially receive a $100 dollar fine.

 Councilman Paul Koretz motioned for the enforcing mandate on masks.

“I’ve been a strong proponent of residents wearing masks to protect themselves and others from contracting the disease since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic,” Koretz said. “I’m glad that the mayor has added the requirement to his Safer LA order, but it is past time to actually enforce mask-wearing if people will not protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors, especially the most vulnerable.”

Los Angeles is quickly becoming one of the worst affected areas for COVID-19 in the US. With record cases surging, harder measures need to be taken to slow the spread of the virus.

2020 Corvette: A Long and Winding Road to Production

2020 Corvette: A Long and Winding Road to Production

The new 2020 Corvette has finally reached production. But boy–has it been a bumpy ride.

The new model looks sleek and speedy. Running just under $60,000 when purchased new, it boasts 500 horsepower and a mid-mounted V8 engine. It comes fully loaded with all kinds of tech. This shiny new sports car has Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The rear-view mirror also acts as a display for a rear-view camera. An optional system tracks speed bumps using GPS and raises the car so as not to damage the front when you’re driving.

The aerodynamic design is aesthetic but functional too. Chevy built this car for life in the fast lane. It easily outperforms manual transmissions, operating on an automatic transmission that makes driving smooth and easy. But getting this puppy to production has been anything but smooth and easy.

The 2020 Corvette: Up Against the World

Chevy had hoped to have shipped the first round of pre-order cars to customers in December of 2019. But a strike at General Mills halted labor for months. Finally, the United Auto Workers came to a compromise with Chevy and production resumed.

–Only to be stopped nearly immediately by the COVID-19 pandemic. It seemed for a time that perhaps the 2020 model was just never going to properly make it to market. But recent reopening procedures bring hope that they might still be able to fulfill the early orders. Collectors and car-lovers may be determined to have a first-year model. But Chevy has good news for other interested parties: the 2021 model will be identical. Even its base price will remain the same.

Sometimes that which is hard-earned is better appreciated. The 2020 Corvette certainly faced obstacles but perhaps that just makes it all the more precious. Those with a first-year edition will have a doozy of a story to tell for years to come.

Truck Drivers Protest Defunded Police

Truck Drivers Protest Defunded Police

Truck drivers are refusing to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments. In the wake of suggested police reform, tensions run high. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck driving ranks consistently as one of the country’s deadliest occupations. In the midst of a global pandemic, truck drivers already feel an increased sense of stress and urgency. Decreased police funding has only heightened wariness.

The CDLLife App posted a poll, asking drivers: “Would you pick up/deliver to cities with defunded or disbanded police departments? Why or why not?” By June 13, 2020, the app had accrued over 1,283 responses. Seventy-nine percent of participants polled as unwilling to deliver to cities with disbanded police departments.

Truck Drivers’ Fears

Responses to the poll include:

“If something was to happen, you have to take matters into your own hands. You risk being prosecuted for protecting yourself.”

“For my own safety and the security of my customers’ loads, I have already informed my dispatcher that I will refuse all loads to cities that have defunded their police departments.”

“I will not deliver to an area with a disbanded police department. My life matters and I do this for my family. We are already at the mercy of these towns and cities with laws and hate against us for parking, getting a meal, or even using a restroom.”

“This is not an area you need to act fearless and think you’d look like a fool for saying no…Imagine what kind of fool you look like for driving into a hot spot and putting your life in danger.”

“Most places we go already can be dicey. About the only time you see a cop is when lights are on behind you.”

“Simple. We may not like it all the time but law and order is necessary.”

The Associated Press reports that the majority of Minneapolis’ city council members will support disbanding the police department. Councilwoman Lisa Bender added that they are devoted to severing their relationship with the police force. She cites the system’s failure to protect the communities it is meant to serve. Other cities are discussing reallocating funds towards social services that may decrease the need for armed police forces.

The impact these changes will have on the trucking industry remains to be seen. New budgets are still in the works. Communication between drivers and city officials may inspire new solutions.

Truck Driver Charged With Murder

Truck Driver Charged With Murder

A truck driver has been accused of multiple murders. From “Large -Marge” from Pee-Wees Great Adventure to the “Joyride” franchise, truck drivers have a haunting stipulation about them.

Well, sometimes the horror of the big screen comes to life. Barry Clark Baldwin was found and charged with multiple accounts of murder.

Between 1990-1993, Baldwin is suspected of murdering three individuals in association with him being a truck driver.

Evidence led to the arrest of Baldwin due to having similar routes throughout that time. Later, in custody, Baldwin admitted to the killings of three women. DNA tests matched that of the victims which also led to the arrest of Baldwin.

Links to Other Murders: A Truck Driver Homicide

Interrogators say that Baldwin may hold clues to other unsolved murders along those same routes.

Baldwin has openly discussed with officials the process of the string of these murders.

One victim, who was so badly mutilated that no record of her can be found, was nicknamed “Bitter Creek Betty”.

The truck driver was caught by matching DNA from a shopping cart in a walmart after being followed by police.

The truck driver has been under prosecution before. A report from one of his victims says that he tied her up, gagged her, and abused her. She got away and pressed charges. The charges were ultimately dropped and Baldwin was sent on his way to continue his murders.

Truck drivers are currently the heroes of the road. With almost everyone serving for the greater good, it makes it extremely difficult to look over how current DNA testing can help identify murderers even over 30-years after it happened. For some, they can rest knowing the story of their daughters disappearance has been solved and the case closed. For others, they await answer.

Baldwin is being held without bail in Black Hawk country jail. He is cooperating and did not challenge his extradition to Tennessee. There he will await trial.