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Car Drives Into the Ocean, Driver Found Swimming

Car Drives Into the Ocean, Driver Found Swimming

SAN PEDRO, CA – A car drives into the ocean after a crash in San Pedro left one man swimming for his life. The motorist drove off a 30-foot cliff and ended up on a rock-strewn beach in San Pedro. However, he was soon found swimming in the ocean Monday morning.  

Moreover, details report the man driving the SUV hit a curb in the 4100 block of Pacific Avenue around 3 a.m. As a result, the car ended up smashing through a guard rail before hitting a fence. Shortly after, the SUV plummeted down the cliff. It landed upright, on one end in the front. Additionally, the roof of the vehicle was also positioned alongside the cliff. The vehicle remained there for some time.  

Still, the driver, identified as a 33-year-old man managed to escape the crash with minor injuries. However, he was unable to climb back up the cliff which leads back to the road. He was also the only occupant in the SUV at the time.

Furthermore, once the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived, they found the driver in the Pacific Ocean trying to swim back to land. However, he was rescued by the LAFD and treated on their boat before being taken to the hospital. Additionally, the driver was transported to the hospital in fair condition. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Moreover, the driver’s SUV was thoroughly searched by firefighters to make sure there were no other people involved in the crash.

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