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Bobtail Insurance

Los Angeles Bobtail Insurance

Most of the time, if you are a driver leasing a truck from a company, you are required to have insurance not just for the time when you are under dispatch. It does not matter if you are on duty or not, accidents are always possible. That is why your company wants to be insured at all times – on and off duty, between terminals and on your way home. Bobtail Insurance and Non-Trucking Insurance are the coverages specially designed for this purpose. They are great for drivers who lease trucks and want to be covered at every moment.

Bobtail Insurance by Los Angeles Truck Insurance

bobtail insurance

Your company can require you to have either Bobtail Insurance or Non-Trucking Insurance. Even though there is a difference between them, they are often talked about as if they are the same.

The more affordable option is Non-Trucking Insurance. It will cover you when you are not under dispatch, not hauling any freight or using a truck for any commercial purposes. It is like liability insurance when you are off work – it will cover the injuries and damage caused by you to other people when you are off duty. For instance, Non-Trucking Insurance protects you when you are driving home.

Bobtail Insurance will cover you at all times when you are not hauling a trailer, no matter if you are under dispatch or not. You can be between terminals or on your way home when you cause an accident, and bobtail insurance will cover damage and medical expenses you are responsible for.

Ask your company what kind of truck insurance is required of you, and Los Angeles Truck Insurance will help you get it at a good price! We offer low down payments and special discounts. Get a free quote from us today and protect your business with Los Angeles Commercial Auto Insurance.