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Los Angeles Truck Insurance

What Services Does Los Angeles Truck Insurance Offer?

los angeles truck insurance

Who We Are

Los Angeles Truck Insurance is a reliable, convenient, and affordable commercial truck insurance agency. It’s our goal to make the thankless hunt for quality insurance easy and convenient. Plus, we want you to settle on coverage you’re comfortable with.

For over a decade LA Truck Insurance has been helping trucking businesses, motor carriers, and owner-operators, get coverage that protects them under any circumstances. This is why we’re one of the leading providers of commercial auto insurance in California.

Los Angeles Truck Insurance is popular with its clients because we boast outstanding customer service. We treat you as a partner, always working with your best interests in mind. We guarantee will scour the insurance landscape to make sure we’ve put together the most thorough coverage possible. We like to say your peace of mind is always on our mind!

At Los Angeles Truck Insurance when you call or visit our office you’ll always get an attentive listener and an informative resource. We’ll listen to your concerns and your questions and build a plan that makes sense. Our agents are experienced and well-trained and know how to navigate the insurance market. At the end of the day, we make your insurance hunt easy!


Battery-Powered Powertrains Invite Clean Tech! Imminent For Trucking

Electric trucks are kicking hydrogen butt! This is thanks to the admittance made that in the race to zero-emission powertrains, the electric trucks that come with battery-power is in the lead. What a strange finding by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

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Chaves, Owner Of Fleet, Pays $632,000 For False FMCSA Documents

There was a fleet owner who has had to pay a heaping sum of $632,000 in restitution. The owner, Michael Chaves, has had to pay a hefty price because he was using another trucker’s identification minus the permission. From there,

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Los Angeles Truck Insurance

What Services Does Los Angeles Truck Insurance Offer?

los angeles truck insurance